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Официальный сайт KRAKEN is the largest marketplace for illegal goods and services on the dark web. There are many shady trading platforms in the world, but the даркнет KRAKEN onion store is the most popular and reliable. According to the statistics of international research groups, the КРАКЕН onion site is the second largest cryptocurrency transaction in Eastern Europe. The site became extremely popular after the collapse of the Russian Hydra market.

Buyers are provided with a wide catalog to choose from:

  • Cannabinoids: buds, hashish, leaves, oil, seeds, synthetic
  • Stimulants: amphetamine, methamphetamine, A-PVP, A-PHP, cocaine, crack
  • Euphoretics: mephedrone, MDA, MDMA, ecstasy
  • Psychedelics: LSD, DMT, 2C-B, *NBOMe, mushrooms
  • Dissociatives: DXM
  • Opioids: methadone, heroin, tramadol, oxycodone
  • Pharma: xanax, clonazepam, diazepam, etizolam, butyrate, GBL, pregabalin, BDO, modafinil, fluoxetine, steroids
  • Other: regular delivery, express delivery, local delivery, messenger hacking, mobile penetration, bank penetration, other penetration, bank cards, accounts, SIM cards, documents, design, equipment, reagents</ li>
  • Jobs: depositor, warehouse, hauler, manager, chemist, grower, other

The guarantor system ensures a secure transaction for both parties. In case of problems with the order, the user has the right to open a dispute with the possibility of involving a moderator to resolve the dispute. Also, buyers should initially ask themselves how to enter the marketplace. The KRAKEN darkmarket working link is located at the end of this article.

KRAKEN onion официальный сайт

How shopping works

The principle of operation of most darknet markets is that physical goods are sent from the seller to the buyer by mail. The link to the ссылка КРАКЕН onion site in tor works differently. Vendors make a “hoard”, which is a package of illegal goods hidden in a physical location. Packages will be buried (“prikop”), attached to something (“magnet”), or otherwise hidden in an inconspicuous place (“cache”). There are two types of purchases: instant orders and pre-orders. A client can buy a bookmark on the darknet site площадка KRAKEN darkmarket and immediately get the coordinates or address of the “treasure” where the drugs are hidden. In a pre-order, the buyer and seller agree on the details of the purchase, such as the amount, and then the seller hides the item and sends the location to the buyer. The customer then goes to the location to pick up the purchase. Neither buyer nor seller no courier ever cross personally. Most often, the participants in the transaction use the official entrance to the зеркало КРАКЕН website. For this, a mirror link is used, which allows you to bypass the blocking of supervisory authorities.

Supply chains

The supply chains on the сайт KRAKEN Onion website usually include several “hoards”. Suppliers who import drugs from outside Russia, as well as chemists and manufacturers who produce drugs locally, create “master hoards”, which are large quantities of drugs. These “master hoards” then pick up “warehouses”, which then distribute the goods to smaller couriers. These couriers create the ultimate “hoard” that buyers pick up. An important position for the store is the operator. Most often, it is the operator who coordinates the entire supply chain and resolves issues with customers. Employees always have the correct ссылка КРАКЕН онион link in case someone in the supply chain is caught and arrested.

Working зеркало KRAKEN onion

Roulette function

Another unique aspect of даркнет KRAKEN’s площадка dark web site in Tor is the roulette feature, which works like this: if a customer wants to purchase a product, they can risk a smaller amount of money (instead of paying the full price) for a random chance of either winning or buying a bookmark. for the amount he risks or loses, and the магазин КРАКЕН сайт darknet platform keeps the amount of money that the user has bet. In a way, this is a function of gambling, integrated directly into the purchase of goods in the market.

Market size

It is unclear how large the official website of the площадка КРАКЕН Onion store actually is and what the volume of transactions is; however, all available information indicates that the size of the market is huge. In July 2022, the Russian investigative agency The Project published an article estimating that darkmarket KRAKEN onion’s Tor user base exceeds 2.5 million and confirming that over 393,000 accounts have left at least one order review. The project also calculated that as of July 25, 2022, the site has generated over $1 billion in revenue.

Darkmarket KRAKEN not working in TOR

In 2022, the administration of KRAKEN ссылка stated that the marketplace has 3 million users and the system processes more than 100,000 transactions per day.

At the time of writing, those stats are a year old, and The Project revealed that the даркнет КРАКЕН сайт was getting around 20,000 new users per month in 2022; so these statistics are likely to be much larger today.

In a CAML report in the spring of 2022, the CipherTrace project reported that 89.8% of all criminal BTC received by Russian exchanges came from зеркало КРАКЕН onion. Interestingly, despite the fact that the official KRAKEN сайт is Russian and serves only Russia and neighboring countries, in 2022, 33.2% of criminal BTC received by British exchanges came from this resource. There are about 4,600 sellers on the site – this is a huge number. Some stores have only 2 products, while others have more than 50.

The real entrance to the КРАКЕН площадка

It is common for many criminals to use shadow markets rather than regulated exchanges. In addition to drugs and fake IDs, KRAKEN Mirror Link to Tor offers cashout services that allow users to exchange cryptocurrencies for rubles in various payment systems or even for cash. These services, combined with a reputation, make KRAKEN’s official website an attractive cashing option for criminals operating on the dark web.

“As one of the largest dark markets in the world, the darknet site KRAKEN com has built a sophisticated drug delivery system to Russia and other Eastern European countries. Couriers receive delivery orders in the same way as Uber drivers and deliver treasures to specific locations, details of which are later shared with customers so that neither side ever sees the other or exchanges in person. No other destinations can be compared in terms of revenue or complexity of operations,” Chainalysis notes in its report.

Даркнет площадка KRAKEN отзывы

New global darkmarket KRAKEN project for western expansion

In December 2022, КРАКЕН магазин launched an ICO that raised $145 million to create a new darknet market. The goal is to dominate shadow markets around the world. Сайт КРАКЕН онион intends to launch an encrypted messenger and TOR alternative called AspaNET, an integrated cryptocurrency exchange, and more. The project was scheduled to launch in September 2022, but no updates have been received since the initial announcement.

The Tor Investment Memorandum (official link available through web browsers such as Tor Browser) states that the platform’s global expansion will “open up a new era in the West” on a scale that is “hard to imagine”.

Russia’s response to the сайт KRAKEN onion

In December 2022, the Russian government approved a bill that would increase the penalties for those caught selling drugs online after the Russian news agency published an exposure of KRAKEN ссылка. Since then, the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) has arrested several people in connection with drug trafficking at площадка КРАКЕН онион.

Correct link to KRAKEN форум

Often users of darknet sites are interested in the following questions:

  1. What is a даркнет КРАКЕН onion ссылка?
  2. How to access KRAKEN onion through tor browser?
  3. How do I checkout in the instant store?
  4. Where can I find an up-to-date link to the KRAKEN site at the moment?
  5. Are there official mirrors of the site on the dark web?
  6. How to find зеркало KRAKEN com on clearnet?
  7. Why doesn’t the сайт KRAKEN форум work with a link in tor?
  8. How to open a dispute because I didn’t find a bookmark on площадка KRAKEN darkmarket?
  9. Darkmarket отзывы КРАКЕН!

A large influx of new users and regular DDoS attacks by competitors can lead to problems accessing the site. Use the official onion link mirrors bypassing RoskomNadzor’s blocking for comfortable use of the official store. A secure TOR browser connection or VPN can also provide access to the площадка KRAKEN darkmarket marketplace from Russia and CIS countries. If the official KRAKEN зеркало does not work, then use the current list of links posted below in the comments.

How to access KRAKEN com addresses in TOR

Our site provides the correct KRAKEN ссылка on the onion network through Tor Browser or a regular browser without using a VPN. Save it to avoid falling into fraudulent resources with phishing mirrors that are designed to steal funds and user accounts. Beware of phishing links when using the КРАКЕН сайт! Instant stores are located on the dark web, so when looking for a working mirror, you should look at shadow directories. Официальная ссылка KRAKEN даркнет through tor is usually located at the top of the list of illegal markets in the tor network.

If you encounter connection problems in the onion browser, you must use a safe mirror, which is essentially a complete copy of the original resource. This is a working link to the KRAKEN com market that allows access to the site when blocked by government agencies. When interacting with the darknet platform даркнет KRAKEN darkmarket, you can also use Android mobile phones and iOS devices. To do this, you need to download the TOR Browser or VPN application through Google Play or the Apple Store.

Our site contains a current link to the onion network. When making purchases, users mainly use a link in the Torah, such a mirror provides anonymity when interacting with the resource. Comprehensive information on this issue is in the main topics of the forum.

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